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Organized and hierarchical classification.
  • Organized and hierarchical classification.
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  • 25 years hunt and intensive collections have been required to assemble this collection of insects only Guiana.
    Despite the large number of specimens presented this collection and be comprehensive and much work remains complete.

    Specimens are classified as this is possible according to the nomenclature in effect by orders, families, tribes, genera and species. Sometimes there are subdivisions for each of these groups (suborders, subfamilies, subgenera and subspecies). The Group of insects in different orders is primarily based on their mode of development and on their morphology (structure stoloniferous, tarsal, wings, mouthparts type, etc.).
Live insects "in situ".
  • Live insects "in situ".
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  • All these photos have been critical in Guiana by photographers experienced in order in addition to the pleasure of the eyes to see advanced in their natural habitat to better this account of their symbiosis with their mimicry with their biotope.
Biotope & Entomology.
Acknowledgements /Informations / Links
  • Acknowledgements /Informations / Links
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  • You would find here in thanks all contributors for the in situ photographs names and identifications of specimens submitted.

    Links to our friends sites and partners among the best.

    A summary of the biography of the author of the site (Jean-Louis Giuglaris) and its contribution and its publications on knowledge of guyanese entomofauna.

    As well as of other information relating to the site.