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  • We thank for their valuable aid to allow our colleagues, frinds and specialists :

    Mr Brulé Stéphane & Mr. Bleuzen Patrick (Buprestidae).
    Mr. Baena Manuel (Heteroptera).
    Mr. Bénéluz Frédéric & Mr. Hermier Bernard (Saturniidae, Sphingidae).
    Mr. Boilly Olivier (Bolboceratinae).
    Mr. Bondil François (Nymphalidae).
    Mr. Chassain Jacques ✞ (Elateridae).
    Mr. Dalens Pierre-Henri, Mr. Tavakilian Gérard & Touroult Julien (Cerambycidae).
    Mr. Degiovanni Augusto & Mr. Sciaky Riccardo (Carabidae).
    Mr. Dheurle Charles (Cicindelinae).
    Mr. Gonzales David (Tenebrionidae).
    Mr. Kentaro Okajima & Mr. Lapèze Jérémie (Membracidae).
    Mr. Le Goff Gérard (Apidae).
    Mr. Lukas Sekerka (Chrysomelidae).
    Mr. Ponchel Yannig (Dynastinae).
    Mr. Rheinheimer Joachim (Curculionidae).
    Mr. Yvinec Jean-Hervé (Erotylidae).

    And for their talented photos in situ:

    Mr. Bondil François
    Mr. Brulé Stéphane
    Mr. Le Guen Roger
    Mr. Rohaut Gilles
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  • Some of the specimens represented in the various families which follow, you can acquire them Consultez are available the catalogue www.entomoservice.fr to know the availabilities, or contact ENTOMOSERVICE (link on the home page)

    In addition, if you have suggestions, information, identifications, concerning the specimens presented do not hesitate has to contact us, We are always applicants specialists and biblio. to help us complete the identification of many specimens on this site that are not yet.
    Thank you.

    The indications of location, capture and a date of the presented specimens arise from the labeling of limp with collection (col.JL Giuglaris).

    The indicated size and that of the biggest male specimen generally stemming from series in collection.

    The represented lepidoptera arise from collections B. Hermier, F. Bénéluz and F. Bondil