Classification of the 30 images the most visited of The album TRACHEINI Laporte, 1835
Brachys sp2
Brachys sp1
Taphrocerus sp1
Leiopleura sp1
Leiopleura sp3
Taphrocerus sp2
Leiopleura sp2
Brachys sp4
Lius sp1
Leiopleura sp5
Lius conicus (Gory & Laporte, 1840)
Brachys sp5
Pachyschelus sp1
Taphrocerus sp3
Brachys sp12
Brachys sp7
Leiopleura sp4
Leiopleura cf brasiliensis  Kerremans, 1903
Brachys sp6
Brachys sp11
Brachys sp15
Brachys sp10
Taphrocerus sp4
Brachys sp13
Brachys sp8
Callimicra sp1
Brachys sp14
Brachys sp16
Brachys sp9
Lius maerens (Gory, 1841)