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Born in Nice (France) in 1955

Passionate nature and entomology from an early age and having only dream of moving from a tropical country to satisfy this one. This was done in 1987 in French Guiana where he settled with his family.

Immediately collection of various insects, moths, beetles, it becomes the main occupation at the same time discovering the wealth of entomological almost infinite region.

His encounters with various entomologists believed the lead to specialize on beetles and mainly on Cerambycidae. After 25 years of intensive collection by different methods (including the development of glass trap) as well as livestock, and he produced a collection of over 1200 species of Cerambycidae and a large reference collection of various beetle families. Collaborate by sending taxa of beetles to specialists of different families of beetles and other, contributes to the knowledge of the insect fauna of Guyana and the discovery of many new species and regional science.

Deciding to share his passion, he created the association in 2002 ENTOMOSERVICE and two websites; and allowing Guyanese entomology enthusiasts to identify and even to procure insects Guyanese. The site-www.entomofauna is the latest evolution.

This is alone and in collaboration with his friend Henri-Pierre Dalens creator of the association; Entomological Society Antilles French Guiana (SEAG) that performs various publications on new species of cerambycid and on field studies.